Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gruet Selection Brut

Had a wonderful meal with D and M over the weekend , at a restaurant near airport. the whole reason being is that it's near D ( M and I too , honestly ) favourite new -found wine shop.

As usual start the evening with some bubbly. Being a champagne snob as what D call me , we were planning to open a bottle or 2 of NV Gruet Champagne to quence thurst before drink some of the aged Burgundy

At $60 , we were expecting the champagne to taste like expensive sparking wines from down under BUT to our surprise the bubbles were abuntdent, moderately fine ,crisp with light fruit, fine mousse on the nose and best of all......not pungent smell of alcohol ( if u open a NV M+C , u will understand what i mean)

Light Straw colour , irratic bubbles .Short palate but can taste of apricot and caramel. of course, the taste is mild and do not lingers as long as i want it to be.

After the bubbles fizzle off and wine is less chill, it is still drinkable but just with a bit tint of sweetness.

Hardly nowadays to find a good value bubble for everyday drinking. this present with a alternative . Need to explore more!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OMG!!!!! Dom Perignon 1990

I admit i was 'ignorant ' last time when i said that i don't really enjoy Dom Perignon . During my 'younger days' ( few years back ) i've tasted DP 1995, 1996, 1998 , and recently 1999, 2000.
I have come to realize that the reason i did not enjoy it purely i was drinking htem too young! Dom Perignon ( 1638-1715) was the perfectionist in champagne making and never intended the wine to be drink sub optimumly.
After a rather dissapointing Krug champagne dinner ( MV, 96, 97 ) , DP 1990 was like tear drops from heaven during M's birthday dinner. Deep Yellow , near gold colour, fresh on the nose, fine delicate ( abundance) bubbles,nice mousse - hazelnut with tint of citrus aroma.
mid- fulll body, long finishing with a mild sweet at end palate.
simply marvellous.
Remember! don't gulp down all the champagne at one go....leave it to breathe a little and you'll notice some mild change , more intensity onthe taste. just gets better!
Market price going for $550- $850 now. Every drop was precious... defiantely go into my yearly ( if not monthly ) wish list

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dom Perignon 1992

Been a while since i babble on my blog here.... i stop drinking? No n life just caught up with me..

Anyway, Thank you to all my friends, i got to taste Dom Perignon 1992, in a magnum bottle.

Man oh man, i still not used to the nose of a Dom Perignon ( DP )-strong nutty, musky , ripe pear nose. Nice colour-golden , amber. Uniform , fine bubbles.

the palate- superb superb!!! Not even Josephine 1989 can compare to it ( i had the drink side by side ). nice walnut, biscuit, caramel, hint of lemon peel, and just a tint of sweetness. Medium body , dry and with a long finish.

The most surprising thing is that the champagne taste very fresh!

Even after 1/2 hr and not chill ( courtesy of my champagne abusing friend ), the wine still taste wonderful!

can still last up to 5 years i reckon , though i don't think any one can resist the drink till then!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy New Year!

Dear One and all,

Happy New Year! Time to pop my champagnes!!

a few more blogs on the way:

- Billecart Salmon Rose

- Joseph Perrier " Josephine" 1990

- Joseph Perrier "Josephine" 1995

cheers everyone!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Philipponnat Clos des Goisses 1999

D has ordered lots of fine wine for my upcoming wedding dinner. I am deeply grateful for that.

The problem is,my wedding isnot till end of the year; It is extremely hard to resist letting the bottles lying there alone in the cold cold chiller. We are always tempted to peak at them or even open up and savour them.

Phillipponat Clos Des Goisses 1999 is one of them!

-an elegant champagne with light straw colour.

Nose: subtle sweetness with tint of lemon, fine bubbles

Palate: toasted grain, slight mineral, peachy,ash. short to medium finishing.

good breathing : similar tasting even after 15 minutes

CDG is 70% pinot nior and 30% Chardonnay . 30% of the wine is fermanted in oak.An elegant wine which is recommended to drinkat the mature date of 2011-2024!!

Now, we have to find a few more of CDG to keep.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Champagne Blanc de Noir " La Parcelle" 2001

I was very excited to open Champagne Inflorescence Blanc De Nior "La Parcelle" since D and i enjoy Inflorescence Bland De Nior Brut; This is supposedly the 'vintage' and flagship creation of Cedric Bouchard.

But sad to say i was quite dissapointed when i had it during dinner few days back.

La Parcelle has similar style to the NV brut but it was much more delicate.

Nice beautiful light colour, very very fine bubbles, not many.

Nose- nice fresh nose.with a tint of mushroom, and fruits

Palate- much more less intense, subtle as compared to the NV brut, floral ( dark flower and fruit), moderate length in the palate.

it lost all it's bubble after 10 minutes and tated like a so so white wine after slightly warm.

Maybe my expectation was too high, maybe i left it to breathe just a bit too long after the first sip,maybe i shouldn't had it with food.

A search on the internet , reviews indicated that this is a very delicate champagne , fine ,little bubbles best to have it on it's own .

maybe i should try again?

La Grande Dame Rose 1988

Yummy yummy yummy........

ok before i babble on....I must congratulate J n C on their 22 anniversay and a big thank you to J for his generosity, always on wine and dinner.

Become of J, i have an oppurtunity to taste one of the best rose around La Grande Dame Rose 1988.This champagne is to represent the wonderful celebration of his wedding, on that year

I must say i wasn't much of a Rose fan , last time, but in recent years i have gain quite an interest in this style of champange.

Veuve Clicquot flagship selection La Grande Dame , in particuliar this bottle La Grande Dame 1988 (LGDR 88 )- was drinkign very well. In fact, J, D and me think that it still can be kept a few years more!

LGDR 88 is made out of 64% pinot nior, 36 % chardonnay, and 15% red pinot nior; all from the Grand Cru.

LGDR 88 has a luminous deep golden colour . Fine , uniform bubbles.

Nose- intense , rich nose of dried fruits ( dates and figs) and mild spice ( vanilla).

Palate- long, dense,creamy,and tight woven ; perfectly rounded of with tint of black cherries and raspberries.

Compliment most food and also best drink on it's own

Superb superb!